Raw materials

Coping with dwindling resources

The reserves of mineral and metal-based raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce, as is water, and all are getting harder and harder to access.
Through innovations and further developments, we want to make the extraction of raw materials, such as lithium and magnesium, more productive and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, technologies need to be developed that reduce the consumption of raw materials by using them more effectively. We are also committed to devising recycling solutions which maximize the recovery and reuse of raw materials.
In order to counteract the ongoing water shortage, we are working on new methods and processes for cost-efficient water treatment and supply.

Innovative, sustainable process technology for lithium production

- Production of lithium hydroxide without the standard intermediate step via lithium carbonate
- Minimized CO2 footprint
- Production without the need for additional process water
- Clean water obtained as a by-product that can be used for other purposes
- High lithium yield (> 80%), even if the brine has a high magnesium concentration
- Competitive production costs for lithium hydroxide

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