Rethinking and redesigning production

Rising quality requirements, stricter climate protection targets, scarcer resources and higher costs - industrial production is facing challenges that often require a new mindset.
To this end, we are working on innovative, sustainable and cost-effective production solutions, such as for manufacturing photovoltaic, battery and fuel cell systems as well as energy storage systems. This includes automation and industrial parts cleaning, for example dry processes with CO2, ozone and plasma, or wet chemical processes. We are also concerned with developing resource-saving process and equipment technologies to extract and process raw materials such as lithium. Together with partners, for example, we have developed a process technology that is unique in the world which enables lithium to be extracted from concentrated brine in a manner that is water-neutral.

Producing energy storage systems more efficiently

Lithium-ion batteries - production technology

Purification of contact points

Purify contact points climate neutrally and precisley with Carbon dioxide

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