Sustainable mobility for people and goods

Growth and prosperity are dependent on people’s ability to be mobile and on reliable goods logistics. This is why it is more important than ever to shape mobility in a climate-neutral and sustainable way.
We are exploring new paths to advance and improve the use and sustainable production of battery and hydrogen-based propulsion systems for transport on and off the road (cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural vehicles), as well as on water and in the air.

Bolivian-German E-mobility Center, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

(Planning completed, realization 2020/2021)
Photovoltaic system (PV): 50 kWp, PV and grid-connected battery storage with 180 kWh capacity, integrated into a container for protection, connected up to an energy management system and charging stations for 1 electric vehicle (25 kWh battery capacity), 3 e-scooters (2 kWh battery capacity per scooter) and 15 e-bikes (0.5 kWh battery capacity per bike).

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