Tomorrow’s energy supply is emission-free

A sustainable future can only be achieved by using energy from renewable sources.
To this end, we are working on innovative and resource-saving solutions to generate energy via photovoltaics, fuel cells and battery systems (lithium-ion and zinc-ion batteries). A further focus is on developing decentralized energy storage systems based on battery and hybrid solutions. These enable energy to be available whenever and wherever it is needed and include systems for residential buildings, as well as solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large-scale industrial companies. Another key area of our work is solar power plants.

Sports club and youth center

Photovoltaic system for a pitched roof
Nominal capacity: 21 kWp
Annual yield approx.: 21,000 kWh
CO2 savings approx.: 10 tons/year

Office and production buildings

Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems
Nominal capacity: 99 kWp
Annual yield approx..: 99,000 kWh
CO2 savings approx..: 50 tons/year

Solar farm Zimmern

Solar farm on undeveloped land
(arrival und departure sector for helicopters)
Nominal capacity: 715 kWp
Annual yield approx.: 715,000 kWh
CO2 savings approx.: 375 tons/year

Solar farm Hüfingen GmbH

PV modules as partial roofing over an unsealed, soil-covered landfill
Nominal power: 1,483 kWp
Annual yield approx.: 1,483 MWh
CO2 savings approx.: 750 tons/year

Solar park Fischbach GmbH

Outdoor installation on private farm with grassland controlled by sheep farming
Nominal power: 1,800 kWp
Annual yield approx.: 1,800 MWh
CO2 savings approx.: 900 tons/year

Solar farm Heiss

Shady roof for a plant and tree nursery with simultaneous collection of rainwater for irrigation
Nominal capacity: 2,366 kWp
Annual yield approx.. 2,366 MWh
CO2 savings approx.: 1,200 tons/year

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